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UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT BARS & CHAINS: Replacement Bars & Chains to Fit Various Models. While your chainsaw's user manual may specify their own brand of chain and bar as replacements, the chainsaw experts at urge you to take a moment and consider replacement Oregon bars and chains that are designed to fit various makes and models of chain saws.

Oregon Universal Bars & Chains

Replacement Bars & Chains to Fit Various Models

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Oregon Universal Bars & Chains

If you're looking for a replacement bar or chain for your saw, you may have more options than you thought.

Did you know Oregon makes bars and chains for many different chainsaw manufacturers on the market today?

Chances are, they still make the right bar and chain to fit your saw, and our guides will help you find it.

Replacement Chains

Chain innovation is what put Oregon on the map. With a long and interesting history of innovative design and safety features, Oregon is the leading manufacturer of chainsaw chains on the market.

Their low-kickback chains are designed for a commercial-quality cut and performance, but provide maximum protection against bar-nose kickback, making them safer and easier to use. Their pro series chains are long-lasting and offer the fast cutting action you'd expect from a professional grade saw chain.

Replacement Bars
In addition to making chains for nearly every model of saw on the market, Oregon excels at manufacturing quality bars with safety features for all different kinds of use.

Features like smaller-radius noses and professional quality sprocket noses help to reduce the risk of kickback. Reduced weight and increased maneuverability make them easier to use, and they're reversible for longer life.

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Oregon Universal Bars & Chains - Find out Replacement Bars & Chains to Fit Various Models. Our chain saw how-to library can help you pick the perfect electric chain saw, gas chain saw, pole saw or chain saw accessory.