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Cut It Right The First Time - How To Quickly & Easily Measure Firewood. Use a Mingo Wood Marker and stop guesstimating when cutting firewood. This unit is a tape measure and marking stick all in one. You can accurately mark wood with the rolling wheel that marks as it goes so all your wood is consistently the same size.

Measure & Cut Once

How To Quickly & Easily Measure Firewood

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Measure & Cut Once

Everyone has seen it - the log thatís too big for the fireplace, or wood stove, or chiminea.

Itís frustrating and embarrassing. Save your favorite lumberjack from blushes and cussing with this nifty marking tool.

The Mingo Log Marker is a tape measure and marking stick all in one.

Mingo Log Marker
A can of upside-down surveyorís paint (not included) fits into the chamber, then just wheel the Mingo down the log.

A dot is sprayed every 16 inches, perfect again and again- up to 75 cords on one can of paint!

Good fitting wood burns longer and cleaner, so other size wheels are available. Other sizes are 6", 12", 14", 18" or 24" so you can get wood to fit any fireplace.

Help your favorite lumberjack get more wood per load the easy way!

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Measure & Cut Once - Find out How To Quickly & Easily Measure Firewood. Our chain saw how-to library can help you pick the perfect electric chain saw, gas chain saw, pole saw or chain saw accessory.