Chain Saws Direct Announces the Best Chainsaws of 2016

Chain Saws Direct Announces the Best Chainsaws of 2016

Find the Best Chainsaws of 2016 Using One Simple Site

BOLINGBROOK, IL (October 12, 2016) - Chain Saws Direct has released their latest ratings from their chainsaw rankings algorithm to help consumers find the perfect chainsaw.

The online retailer and reviews site lists more than 185 chainsaws and publishes over 2,000 reviews from actual online shoppers.

Their unique algorithm generates an exact letter grade for each chainsaw on the site, allowing Chain Saws Direct to offer the most accurate 2016 chainsaw lists anywhere.

“So many top-rated and best-selling lists out there are either outdated or treated as a form of paid advertising,” said Dale Vogelsanger, product expert at “The purpose of these lists is to inform people and provide trustworthy recommendations, so we rank our best-selling and top-rated lists based on real consumer feedback that you can rely on.”

According to Vogelsanger, Chain Saws Direct's lists are the most credible and up-to-date source of 2016 chainsaw rankings for three specific reasons:

1. Three Lists in One
“Best” means different things to people. That's why decided to publish lists that can be sorted three ways. Shoppers can sort saws by best selling, by top-rated, or by expert recommended models. Plus, they can then filter those results to narrow the selection of chainsaws to exactly what they're looking for.

One list wasn’t sufficient enough for though. The online retailer created separate lists for each style of chainsaws, ranging from extendable pole saws to beastly, gas-powered rancher saws.

2. Real-Time
Many others' best-selling lists are updated once a year, displaying a lot of discontinued saws that were likely more popular last year. Chain Saws Direct's lists are updated in real-time, highlighting what’s hot and on top at any given moment in 2016.

“To prevent our top-rated lists from becoming outdated, we encourage consumers to rate and review our products at any time. Their ratings and reviews are instantly factored into the overall rankings of our products.” said Dale Vogelsanger, who spends much of his time assisting every-day chainsaw shoppers and studying the latest industry trends and innovations.

3. Free doesn't require a sign-up form or a subscription. The retailer’s goal is to educate shoppers with free information, helping them pick the perfect chain saw.

"At Chain Saws Direct, we believe very strongly in the importance of educating and assisting online shoppers with the most up-to-date recommendations and credible product information, which is why we insist on providing this unbiased and insightful information accompanied by expert recommendations for free." said Vogelsanger.

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