Introducing the Best Chainsaws of 2017

Introducing the Best Chainsaws of 2017

Chain Saws Direct Reveals Top Chainsaws of the Year

BOLINGBROOK, IL (July 10, 2017) - Chain Saws Direct revealed their popular lists of the Best Chainsaws of 2017. Chain Saws Direct helps shoppers determine how to find the perfect chainsaw.

The site,, lists more than 195 chainsaws and publishes almost 2,200 reviews from actual online shoppers.

A proprietary algorithm used by Chain Saws Direct generates accurate letter grades for all chainsaws on the site. It provides online shoppers with real-time analysis through comprehensive lists of the highest-rated chainsaws on the market today.

Dale Vogelsanger, product expert at explains, “Whether you are a homeowner or a forestry professional, there is a perfect chainsaw made just for you. But, a saw that is great for one application may not be the ideal choice for another. With the latest technology, a homeowner can get all the power and convenience in a cordless electric chainsaw without the hassle that comes with a conventional gas saw. However, a professional needs a reliable and heavy-duty saw that can tackle anything without breaking down. Here at Chain Saws Direct, you’ll find everything you need that made the cut.”

According to Vogelsanger, Chain Saws Direct's lists are the best source for 2017 chainsaw rankings for three distinct reasons:

1. Three "Best of" Lists for Each Category
People have different ideas about what it means to be considered "the best." publishes three separate lists for each type of saw. Site visitors can sort chainsaws according to how well a product sells (best-selling), how well consumers review a product (top-rated), or models that experts recommend based on testing and consistent customer feedback.

2. Real-Time Updates
Most "best-seller lists" on the Internet are updated only once a year at most, showcasing chainsaws that have since been discontinued. Chain Saws Direct's lists, however, are updated in real time, so customers will always see a current list of what's popular in 2017.

“The lists really help our customers,” he continued, “Everyday people call in from all over the country asking what the best chainsaws are for their application. Since we started making these lists, more and more people tell us that they were a huge help with finding the perfect chainsaw.”

3. Free Access doesn't require a sign-up form or a subscription. The company’s goal is simply to educate shoppers with free information, helping them pick the perfect chain saw.

"I’ve worked with chainsaws and outdoor power equipment a very long time," Vogelsanger continued. "There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to how much has advanced in the last few years both in terms of technology of battery-powered tools and reliability in small engines. It’s my job to help people take advantage of these new advances so they can get to cutting wood instead of getting lost searching for the perfect tool.”

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