Introducing the Best Chainsaws of 2019

Introducing the Best Chainsaws of 2019

Chain Saws Direct Reveals 2019’s Top Chainsaws

BOLINGBROOK, IL (September 26, 2019) - Chain Saws Direct announces its highly anticipated lists of essential woodland cleanup tools: the Best Chain Saws of 2019.

The online retailer currently offers more than 90 models of chainsaws on its website and has published over 3,200 customer reviews to date. Its lists of the best chainsaws available this year serve to make it even easier for customers to pick the right consumer or professional-grade saw from those listed.

What makes the Chain Saws Direct rating system stand out from systems that other retailers use is a proprietary algorithm in place across the site. The algorithm assigns a real-time letter grade to each product based on user feedback and customer results and updates the rating in real time.

“Anyone who’s ever shopped for a chainsaw knows how much variety is available,” says Dale Vogelsanger, product expert for Chain Saws Direct. “When you can buy anything from a lightweight electric saw to a commercial gas saw, it can be hard to sort through it all and find the chainsaw you need. These lists get rid of the online clutter and help anyone get the right saw for the job.”

According to Vogelsanger, the Chain Saws Direct lists are an important source for 2019 chainsaw rankings due to three factors:

1. Three Lists for Each Category
For every category of product on its site, Chain Saws Direct sorts its products into three lists:
  • Best-selling: products with the highest sales numbers
  • Top-rated: products with the most favorable reviews
  • Expert-recommended: products that the store sales expert recommends based on testing and customer feedback

“No matter whose opinion a customer values—whether it’s another customer’s opinion or ours—it’s easy for shoppers to find a saw in any style that other people have vouched for,” Vogelsanger explains.

2. Real-Time Updates
Chain Saws Direct always shows customers product rankings that have been updated in real time with the help of the ratings algorithm in use across the site.

“We use customer feedback when we put together our annual lists,” says Vogelsanger, “but that doesn’t mean that customers have to wait until those lists are published once a year to get the right saw. Anytime they browse the lists, they’ll see the latest feedback that other customers have submitted.”

3. Free Access
Chain Saws Direct makes its lists of the best chainsaws available for free to anyone who visits the website, so that everyone can pick the perfect chainsaw.

“I’ve worked with enough people over the years to know that the more confident you feel about your saw, the more likely you are to use it,” says Vogelsanger. “We want people to buy equipment that they’re going to feel good about putting to use for years.”

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