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Sharpening Your Teeth

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain

By  | Chain Saw Product Expert

What do chainsaws and #2 pencils have in common? They both become worthless without a sharpener!

Some folks think the only solution is to throw away the chain and replace it with a new one. But that can be quite costly.

The better solution is to sharpen your chains and get more life out of them.

There's a variety of ways to sharpen a chainsaw chain, so take a moment to find the method that's right for you.

Power Sharp KitsPowerSharp Sharpening Kits
When you want to sharpen your saw on-the-go without a lot of trouble, there's no better option than a PowerSharp Kit. These kits feature a sharpener, a bar, and a chain that only work together as a kit.

While using the sharpener, a built-in link on the chain resurfaces the sharpener simultaneously.

The bar is specially made to attach to the sharpener and keep it in place during use.

While the PowerSharp comes in a few sizes, be sure to double check that it's compatible with your chainsaw before purchasing.


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Filing Guides

Filing by Hand

Using metal files, you can sharpen the cutting teeth on your chain by hand.

But with a good bar-mount filing guide, you can get more consistent and accurate results in a fraction of the time without having to disassemble your chainsaw.

Husqvarna has some good instructions HERE for filing a chain by hand.


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Grinder Sharpeners

Sharpening With a Grinder
For a professional sharpening that doesn't wear your arm out, you can use a heavy-duty grinder.

These machines feature a clamp that holds the chain in place while a grinding wheel is lowered down to smooth the teeth to a razor-sharp finish.

Grinders come in quite handy for professionals and serious wood cutters who have to sharpen their chainsaw chains frequently.


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