Bar and Chain Calculator

Bar and Chain Calculator

Find the Right Replacement Bar and Chain for Your Saw

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ANSI B175.1 Warning Message
Certain provisions of the safety standard known as "ANSI (American National Standards Institute) B175.1 - Gasoline powered Chainsaws - Safety Requirements" contain requirements designed to reduce the risk of injury from chainsaws sold in the United States. The following information should be used as a guide for the selection of appropriate replacement chains in order to maintain compliance with the ANSI B175.1 standard (United States only).
Yellow Warning Label: This chain may be capable of kickback that could result in serious injury to the saw operator or bystanders. Do not use this chain unless you have experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback. Saw chain with reduced kickback potential is available.
Green Warning Label: This saw chain is low kickback chain. It met the reduced kickback requirements of ANSI B175.1 when tested on a representative sample of chain saws. Its safety features significantly reduce the hazard of kickback while maintaining high cutting performance.
ALL CUTTING CHAINS CAN KICK BACK, which may result in severe personal injury to the chain saw operator or bystanders. Operate your chain saw safely!
Close Warning
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Whether you need a replacement bar or chainright awayor you simply want to have spare parts on hand, you want to be sure that the chainsaw bar and chain you buy will work with your saw.

Chainsaw Bar and ChainOur in-depth Bar & Chain Sizing Guide can help you determine what sizes and types of bars and chains you can possibly use with your saw, in case you want to explore more options.

But if you just need a quick replacement for the type of bar or chain you've already been using? This is the page for you.

How to Use the Bar and Chain Calculator

The Bar and Chain Selector Guide (sponsored by Oregon) on this page is designed to make finding the right parts easy. Just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Start by choosing your Manufacturer, Model,and Bar Lengthfrom the drop-down menus
  2. Optional: choose your saw'sChain Pitch and Chain Gauge from the additional menus to narrow your selection
  3. Click the Add to Cart button next to the chain or bar you want
  4. Verify your products and complete your purchase using our secure checkout

In the search results, you'll see green and yellow triangles with exclamation points next to each model of chain.

Bar and Chain ANSI Kickback

The green triangle lets you know that a chainsaw chain replacement meets the ANSI safety standards for reduced kickback potential. Chains marked with a yellow triangle might be capable of kickback and are recommended for experienced chainsaw users.

Please note:
if you are unable to locate the brand of chainsaw you own or your model number using the Oregon Bar and Chain Calculator, we do not offer a compatible replacement chainsaw bar or chain at this time.

Happy sawing!


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