Where Have All the Dolmars Gone?

Where Have All the Dolmars Gone?

What You Need to Know About the Future of Dolmar Chainsaws

Dale, the Chain Saw Expert
Chain Saw Expert

Rest assured, Dolmar chainsaws are not gone. Fans of the brand simply have to look for the Dolmar quality under a different name: Makita chainsaws.

Although you might find some chainsaws that still bear the Dolmar name available from third-party sellers, new products made using the Dolmar standards now fall under the Makita banner.

Those same design, engineering, and manufacturing standards are used to provide reliable powerful performance and ergonomic comfort in Makita's 2-cycle gas chainsaws.

So while the name has changed, the characteristics that made Dolmar a trusted brand remain the same.


How Dolmar Became Makita

Makita LogoMakita acquired Dolmar in 1991. While Makita was a familiar name in the realm of electric-powered tools, Dolmar was known for its gasoline-powered tools.

Combining their knowledge and expertise enabled them to create an outstanding marriage of raw power and cutting-edge technology.

For several years after the acquisition, the two brands continued to market and sell their products under different names. But because of the strong brand name and reputation that Makita has cultivated, they decided to merge their outdoor power equipment and Dolmar’s products under the Makita brand.


Maintaining Dolmar's Engineering Quality

Makita Easy-Start Pull CordFor those who have stood loyally behind the Dolmar flag, you can trust that you’re getting the same product. Makita gas-powered tools are exactly the same in design and quality as the Dolmar power equipment.

Because the two companies joined forces so many years ago, Makita has had plenty of experience in maintaining and producing the engineering features that Dolmar's fans have come to look for:

  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Easy-start pull cord mechanism
  • Vibration reduction technology

Signs of the Dolmar-Makita Transition

Makita Gas ChainsawIf you see either a warm red Dolmar saw or a teal-colored gas Makita saw, you'll know that you're looking at a legacy saw that was made before Makita acquired Dolmar.

Today, Makita makes its 2-cycle gas chainsaws in the warm red color that Dolmar's fans know and love so well. Not only is this a sign to customers that Makita's gas saws are built using Dolmar's standards; it's also a reflection of the preference for bright, safety-minded colors that forestry and landscaping professionals have.

Teal Cordless MakitaMeanwhile, Makita's battery-powered chainsaws are dressed in the teal color used for its other brand products, a clear way to distinguish between its gas and electric saws. Makita's cordless saws and powerheads are worth their own brand distinctions; they've proven to be customer favorites for their power and durability.

The teal color also can be seen on Makita's gas-powered leaf blowers and string trimmers, which are also based on Dolmar's designs and engineering.

Only Makita's gas-powered chainsaws have retained Dolmar's traditional warm red color scheme, which demonstrates exactly how strong the Dolmar reputation for quality chainsaws is.


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Dale, the Chain Saw Expert
Chain Saw Expert
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