The Best Chainsaws of 2021

The Best Chainsaws of 2021

Best-Selling & Top Rated Chain Saws

Dale, the Chain Saw Expert
Chain Saw Expert

The chainsaw you choose can make the difference between a clean cut and a splintered mess. That's why we've put together the Best Chainsaws of 2021 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect model for your needs.


If you're not sure what kind of chainsaw you need, check out our Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation.

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Best Chainsaws List

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Best Electric Chainsaw

Learn More About Makita XCU03PT1
Expert Review
If you're looking for a cordless chainsaw that has all the power of a gas saw, look no further. Coming from Makita, one of the premier manufacturers of battery-powered tools, this model XCU03PT brushless 36V direct-drive chainsaw provides the high-power efficiency you would expect from a 32cc gas saw. And it does it quietly, with no emissions, no mixing of gas and oil and no pull starting. Also, this saw uses standard 3/8" low profile chain and has tool-less chain tensioning. This unit comes with four 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, used in all 18V Makita power tools, and a dual-port rapid charger that can restore the batteries to a full charge in just 45 minutes. The charge level of each battery is easily found with the LED display indicator. This saw comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the saw, the charger, and even the batteries.
Makita Outer Rotor BL™ Brushless Motor
  • Extremely efficient and as powerful as a 32cc gas chain saw
  • Zero emissions, less maintenance, and quiet (100dB(A))
18V LXT™ Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Fastest charge times in their category; 45 minutes
  • Powered by dual 18V batteries (36V total)
  • Includes four batteries total w/ a dual port rapid charger
  • LED battery indicators display charge levels
Star Protection Computer Controls™
  • Exchanges real time data between battery and chain saw
  • Protects against overheating, over discharging, and overloading
Variable Speed Trigger
  • Trigger controlled throttle for maximum control
  • Equipped with a high-speed chain for improved cut performance
Power-Off Function
  • Powers down saw when operation is delayed; extends battery life

Best Gas Chainsaw

Learn More About ECHO CS-355T-14
ECHO's Most Powerful Professional Top-Handle Chainsaw
  • Comes in a compact and ergonomic body
35.8cc ECHO Professional Grade 2-Cycle Engine
  • Exclusive i-30™ starting technology reduces starting effort by 30%
  • G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner™ pulls dirt and debris out of the airbox
  • Delivers exceptional reliability and performance
Dual-Post Chain Brake
  • Increases durability by stopping chain rotation in kickback conditions
  • Windows and lever cutout provide a clear view for better cuts
Quick & Easy Chain Adjustment
  • Side access chain tensioner makes chain adjustments simple
Automatic, Clutch-Driven Oiler
  • Provides optimum lubrication to bar only when the chain is moving
  • Reduces oil consumption

Best Chainsaw for Home Use

Learn More About Husqvarna 970 51 50-16
Expert Review
A perfect saw and perfect choice for anyone looking to do some pruning or light cutting jobs. The Husqvarna 120 Mark II offers a good quality at a great price. Equipped with a 38cc X-Torque engine from Husqvarna, this saw is great on gas and produces lower emissions than most saws. The engine provides more than enough power to get through just about any pruning you may have. A combined choke/stop control puts everything in one spot which provides easier starting and stopping and will assist in reducing engine flooding. The 120 Mark II has a low-vib design which decreases vibration and will allow for less fatigue after cutting for a long period of time. A side-mounted chain tensioner also makes for easy adjustments usually needed when cutting for longer periods of time. While you should not be trying to fell a large tree with this saw, it is still a great option for a budget-conscious person looking for a good quality saw with a good quality name.
1.88HP/38.2cc X-Torq® 2-Cycle Gas Engine
  • Highly efficient design with a powerful and consistent output
  • Reduces fuel consumption up to 20% and emissions up to 60%
Air Injection®
  • Built-in air injection system removes harmful debris particles
  • Keeps the air filter cleaner and prolongs engine life
Compact Design
  • Slim and lightweight build make the Mark II a breeze to operate
  • Perfect for pruning trees, and every day tasks around the house
  • System drastically reduces overall vibration levels
  • Makes working those larger jobs far less strenuous, reducing fatigue
Effortless Ignition
  • Features a start/stop switch and an air purge
  • Removing air from the carb and fuel system makes ignition a breeze

Best Professional Chainsaw

Learn More About Makita EA7900PRZ
Expert Review
Makita's EA7900PRZ is as professional as it gets when it comes to chainsaws. With some of the fastest acceleration on the market, the EA7900PRZ is great for felling as well as stripping any kind of tree. Makita uses SLR (Scavenging Losses Rejection) function which allows for lesser emissions overall and uses up to 15% less fuel. Definitely an important feature for anyone in the middle of the woods felling trees. With it advantageously shaped exhaust, it offers optimum chip flow through and fewer jams overall. Built and individually inspected in Germany to maintain the highest specifications a saw can have, the EA7900PRZ is an amazing saw for the money. Makita uses a 78.5cc 2-cycle engine which offers a compression relief valve for easy starting all of the time. The high torque and acceleration are just some of the great features coming from this saw. While the EA7900PRZ is the basic model, Makita also offers this same saw with a heavy-duty air filter as well as a heated handle and full wrap handle. So, there truly is an option for just about anybody looking. Unlike many saws, but fairly common for many professional saws, the EA7900PRZ is a power head-only option. Meaning a bar and chain would have to be purchased separately. The EA7900PRZ can take a 20", 24", 28" and 32" bar, so like some other modifications the EA7900PRZ offers, you can do the same when it comes to bars and chains.
Powerful At A High Torque
  • What professionals require for efficient & low-effort work
  • Great for felling and stripping trees of any kind
5.7HP/78.5cc Makita 2-Cycle Engine
  • Compression relief valve for effortless starting
  • High torque with fast acceleration
SLR (Scavenging Losses Rejection) Function
  • Lower emissions for user and environmental benefit
  • Up to 15% less fuel consumption
  • Standard-duty air filter for all but the dirtiest conditions
Optimum Chip Flow Through
  • Advantageously shaped exhaust area allows less jams
  • Easy-to-clean chain compartment for efficient clearing of chips
Power Head Only - Bar & Chain Sold Separately
  • "Easy Start" spring assisted starter for quick starting with less force

Best Pole Saw

Learn More About Blue Max 53542
Product Discontinued
Expert Review
If you are looking for a low-cost, good quality pole pruner, the Blue Max 53542 may be one of your best options. With its 32.6cc 2-cycle engine, it has more than enough power to get through just about any limb within reason. The 53542 is equipped with a 71" telescopic pole which can extend up to 101". This is typically more than enough reach to get to most of those pesky branches hanging over decks and fences. Blue Max will also use an anti-vibration system as well, so you can work longer with less fatigue.
Blue Max Telescopic Pole Saw
  • Trim tress and other foliage that was once out of reach
32.6 CC 2-Cycle Gasoline Engine
  • Optimum engine characteristics to provide plenty of torque
Fuel Primer Provides Easy Starting
  • Removes the air from the carb, so you can spend less time pulling
Automatic Safety Clutch
  • Provides a more reliable and easier starting saw
Anit-Vibration System
  • Maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue

Best Stump Grinder

Learn More About Power King PK0803V
Kohler Command Pro 14HP Engine
  • Aggressive and powerful driving dual V-belts
  • Premium locking throttle
Safety First
  • Slap stop palm button safety shut off
  • Pull latch rip cord safety shut off
9 Tungsten Tough Blades
  • 12-inch diameter cutting wheel, 3.5-inches thick
  • Pulverizes stumps 10-inches above ground and 9-inches below ground
  • Disc drum brake for pivot cutting
Dual Bolt Cutting Tools Keep Tight & Strong
  • Foot pegs included
Welded Dual Lift Handles
  • Adjustable bow handle made of large pipe
  • Keeps you in stable, secure control

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Dale, the Chain Saw Expert
Chain Saw Expert
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